When you list your home you want to maximize your equity. You want to sell quickly for the most money. 5 Corners Realty makes this process dynamic with a better end result; more money in your pocket. It starts with more experienced real estate professionals who use their experience to market your home better than the competition and give you more tools to attract more buyers. Our exceptional real estate agents do this by harnessing the power of lending. The key is to understanding that a lower interest rate means more purchase power which can attract more buyers to your home. The benefit starts with a lower interest rate. It also helps to have salaried loan officers and a low, flat origination fee. One of our goals as a real estate company is to eliminate closing costs by getting the lender to pay them instead of you. By getting the lender to pay closing costs and qualifying more buyers, 5 Corners Realty has given you the advantage you need to sell your home and keep more of the equity you have earned.

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